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Your Instructor, Mysti Dye

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I always knew I wanted to work as a professional Piano Instructor since I have a fierce love of working with people and sharing my true passion with them. With over 20 years of teaching experience, I’ve had the privilege of working with students of all levels and skills - from beginners to real experts. I adapt my teaching to accommodate individual learning styles and abilities and cater to each student's strengths. I have extensive experience teaching children with learning differences such as ADHD and ASD. No matter who I’m teaching, I thrive on seeing my students grow and develop as they discover what they can achieve.


Solo/Individual Lessons

Lessons That Go Beyond The Basics

I meet students where they are in their experience. Whether a beginner or an advanced pianist, I bring a wealth of experience to the lesson and enable students to gain a solid understanding in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. I helped to build more than solid pianists. I help students build confidence and self-esteem as well as teaching them how to overcome, adapt, and to problem solve.

Piano for Preschoolers

WunderKeys Program

These one-on-one lessons are for children ages 3-5, who are not quite ready for traditional piano teaching methods. 

Using a variety of activities, I help little ones build the necessary skills needed for learning to play an instrument.

Contact the studio to schedule a complimentary evaluation to see if your preschooler is ready for piano.

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Group Piano Lessons

Stay Motivated With Peers

I specialize in Group Piano Lessons for beginning students, and know how to create strong performers with the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, positive encouragement and FUN! I make learning piano enjoyable through a variety of engaging and outside-the-box activities; doing it in a relaxed atmosphere that builds a strong sense of community among the students.


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“Mysti is such a kind person and a very creative teacher! Her set up and activities are absolutely fabulous and keep students engaged. There's nothing better than seeing kids eager to learn, because their piano lesson experience is nothing short of excellent!"  - Amy R.

"Mysti is an excellent teacher. ... She truly cares for each student...She is patient and kind, yet able to push students to do their best." - Davina F.

"Mysti knows how to connect with each of her students on a level that brings out the best in them. She's talented, kind and encouraging. We are so glad to have found her." - Julie H.


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