Studio Information

The studio charges a yearly tuition based on 40 lesson. Tuition is paid on the first of each month. The studio teaching year is August 9 through June 10, 2022.

Tuition Pricing


$168 per month  for 45 minute lessons taken weekly 

$130  per month for 30 minute lessons taken weekly 

$120 per month for 45 minute group lessons taken weekly 

There is an $80 yearly materials fee per student. This covers lesson books, studio licensed materials, assignment binder, incentives, studio lending library, recitals and more.

Lesson fees include not only the actual time spent in your lesson, but also lesson planning and preparation, record keeping, communicating via phone, email and text, time spent choosing music, curriculum development and more, therefore the studio does not make-up lessons not attended by the student. Student absenteeism has already been calculated into the tuition. There are no refunds for lessons or registration.  

In attempt to maintain a healthy  environment for all students, the studio has a strict Wellness Policy that all families are required to follow.


-  Contact the studio for more information.